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BreadTalk Menu Prices Singapore Updated 2023

Finding the latest Breadtalk Singapore menu prices can be a challenge. That’s why we have taken the time to gather the complete Breadtalk menu with pictures and updated prices from official sources of Breadtalk Singapore. Whether you’re looking for a specific dish or want to browse the menu, we have you covered. As we have the most up-to-date prices for you to make your take away or dining experience more convenient.

BreadTalk Menu Prices 2023

Breadtalk Singapore menu includes Favorites, Value Bundles, Cakes, Customized Cakes, Toasts, Beverages, & Others. Now let’s explore them in detail one by one.


Matcha No KekiSGD 38.80
Signature BundleSGD 15.80
Breakfast Delight OriginalSGD 8.80
Dark Forest GateauSGD 40.80
Beautiful Mermaid 6 InchSGD 68.20
Chocolate Marble ToastSGD 6.00

Breadtalk Value Bundles PRICES

Signature Bundle
Flosss x 2
Hazel Cacao x 2
Sun Flower x 2
Soy Milk x 2
SGD 15.80
Floss Lovers
Floss x 6
6 Fire Floss
3 Floss + 3 Fire Floss
SGD 12.20
All Star Bundle
Sausage Standard
Apple Worm
Butter Sugar
Shio Pan
SGD 11.20
Kids Favorite Bundle
Soy Milk x 2
Rainbow Donut x 2
Sausage Standard x 2
SGD 13.30
Best Seller Bundle
Brown Sugar Pillow Raisin x 1
Ham & Cheese x 1
Sausage Standard x 1
Flosss x 1
Sunflower x 1
Curry Chic x 1
SGD 12.00
Donut Bundle
Sugar Donut x 2
Rainbow Donut x 2
Kit Kat Donut x 2
SGD 11.00
Tea Break Bundle
Original Cheese Steam Cake (2pcs)
Honey Marble Slice (2pcs)
Orange Steam Cake (2pcs)
2 Drinks
SGD 16.80
Breakfast Delight Whole meal
Wholemeal Toast (8pcs)
Kaya Set (1 Nonya Kaya & 1 Hainanese Kaya)
SGD 9.00
Breakfast Delight Original
Premium White Toast (8pcs)
Kaya Set (1 Nonya Kaya & 1 Hainanese Kaya)
SGD 8.80
Muffin Delight Bundle Set of 6
Chocolate x 2
Raisin x 2
Blueberry x 2
SGD 6.00
Marble Chocolate Set of 5SGD 3.10
Breadtalk Value Bundles Menu
Image by Breadtalk Singapore

BreadTalk Toasts Menu WITH PRICE

Premium White Toast
Naked White Toast – 7pcs Crustless Premium White Toast
Regular White Toast – 8pcs Premium White Toast with Crust
Jumbo White Toast – 23pcs Premium White Toast with Crust
SGD 3.10
California Toast (8pcs)
Taste the natural sweetness of raisins embedded in this soft toast, delicious even on its own.”
SGD 4.30
12 Grain Toast (8pcs)
A tasty, light and delicious toast with the perfect balance of different grains, walnuts and raisin
SGD 6.00
Multigrain Toast (8pcs)
A tasty, light and delicious toast with the perfect balance of different grains
SGD 4.80
Wholemeal ToastSGD 3.30
Milky Way
Made with rich milk from Taiwan, finished with snow powder, this lusciously moist bun will be delighting your taste buds.
SGD 3.20
Chocolate Marble ToastSGD 6.00
Gourmet Fruit Loaf (12pcs)
Laden with raisins, cranberries, blackcurrants and walnuts, each bite of this rye loaf bursts refreshing fruity goodness!”
SGD 5.40
breadtalk toasts Prices
Image By Breadtalk

BreadTalk Cakes Prices

Pandan Shifon Cake
This soft, moist chiffon cake infused with aromatic pandan juice and smooth coconut milk.
SGD 15.60
Japan Light Cheese Cake
A Japanese-style cottony soft cheese cake.
SGD 12.60
Salt Caramel 4 inch
A chocolatey indulgence dressed in caramel glaze, with crunchy hazelnut feuilletine
and dark chocolate mousse within its layers of chocolate chiffon.
SGD 24.60
Tropical bliss beckons you with a combination of mango and coconut mousse with mango jelly,
SGD 40.80
Dark Forest Gateau
Darker than the typical Black Forest, the dark sweet cherries elevates the 70% dark chocolate mousse,
SGD 40.80
Granite Sesame 6 inch
Every bite will rock your mind! Made with 100% pure black sesame, this creation is an ensemble
of black sesame mousse, vanilla chiffon, Oreo black sesame crumbs and a New York Cheesecake style layer.
SGD 37.60
Pretty Pink 4 inch
Pretty Pink will surely charm you with a romantic blend of Lychee Mousse, Lychee Raspberry
Mouse and Raspberry Rose Coulis.
SGD 28.40
Matcha No Keki
Aromatic layers of green tea chiffon and custard cream sandwiching red beans in the middle .
SGD 38.80
Honey Marble Slice
Light and fluffy honey sponge cake sandwiching a layer of smooth butter cream.
SGD 2.00
Marble Steam Cake
Cottony soft, light and airy marble steam cake.
SGD 2.00
Original Cheese Steam Cake
Cottony soft, light and airy cheese steam cake.
SGD 2.40
Fluffy and light cake with fresh strawberries and blueberries.
SGD 38.80
California Raisin
Cottony soft, light and airy cake with black raisins and butter cream.
SGD 2.10
Berries Cheesecake – Online Exclusive
Rich and dense New York cheesecake with a layer of crunchy Biscoff base. Topped with a selection
of fresh fruits including grapes, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries.
SGD 44.80
breadtalk Cakes menu - cakes
Image by Breadtalk

Breadtalk Customized Cakes MENU

Choco Island 6 Inch SGD 64.80
Ms Violet 6 inch SGD 64.80
Berries Paradise SGD 64.80
Beautiful Mermaid 6 inch SGD 68.80
Beautiful Mermaid 6 Inch SGD 68.20
Graceful Mermaid 6 Inch SGD 68.80
Lovely in Blue 6 InchSGD 64.80
Lovely in purple 6 Inch SGD 64.80
Unicorn Romance 6 InchSGD 68.80
Pastel Pop Unicorn 6 Inch SGD 68.80
Elegant Unicorn 6 Inch SGD 68.80
Brilliant Blue Unicorn 6 Inch SGD 68.20

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breadtalk customized cakes
Image By Breadtalk

Breadtalk Beverages PRICES

Milk TeaSGD 3.10
Cold Brew Oolong TeaSGD 2.20
Soy Milk BundleSGD 12.00
Soy MilkSGD 3.10
Milk Tea BUndleSGD 12.00
Cold Brew Green TeaSGD 2.20

Is BreadTalk Halal?

Breadtalk Singapore is not Halal Certified.

Images and prices are taken from the following official sources of BreadTalk Singapore.

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