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Awfully Chocolate Singapore Menu Prices Updated 2023

Finding the latest Awfully Chocolate Singapore menu prices can be a challenge. That’s why we have taken the time to gather the complete Awfully Chocolate menu with pictures and updated prices from official sources of the Awfully Chocolate Singapore. Whether you’re looking for a specific dish or want to browse the menu, we have you covered. As we have the most up-to-date prices for you to make your take away or dining experience more convenient.

Awfully Chocolate menu prices 2023

Awfully Chocolate Singapore menu include favorties, Weekend Brunch, Deli, Good morning Beverages, All day dining, Sides & Such, Cakes & Desserts, Coffee & Tea. Let’s explore them in detail one by one


Dark Chocolate Bread & Butter Pudding
Creamy, custardy pudding made with butter croissants, soft rolls and
Awfully Chocolate 70% couvertures — packaged specially for Christmas!
SGD 18.00
12″ Pear & Polenta Tart
Wine-poached pear baked in soft, moist polenta cake. Finished with Christmas aromatics of cinnamon
and nutmeg, and dusted with snow powder — perfect as a thoughtful gift this Christmas!
SGD 21.00
Truffle Brioche Loaf
Twisted and baked with cep mushroom, caramelised onions and shallots, and
infused with truffle, this soft, fluffy creation by our Chef Anthony Pangetsu is a
dream come true for all bread lovers.
SGD 12.00

Awfully chocolate WEEKEND BRUNCH MENU prices

The Works
Full & Hearty
SGD 19.00
Egg Whites
Light & Fluffy
SGD 15.00
Ninethirty Scramble
Rich & Creamy
SGD 16.00
Mushroom Crêpe
Strong & Robust
SGD 15.00
Breakfast Patty
Naked Burger
SGD 21.00
Breakfast Crêpe
Savoury Goodness
SGD 18.00
Steak & Eggs
A Man’s Breakfast
SGD 21.00
Chocolate & Toast
Breakfast Chocolate
SGD 14.00
Crisp & Fragrant
SGD 15.00
Caramel & Sea Salt Crêpe
Breakfast Dessert
SGD 14.00

Awfully chocolate Deli MENU with prices

Grilled Ham & Cheese Brioche
Soft & Choosy
SGD 14.00
Bacon & Chunky Egg
Crispy & Chunky
SGD 14.00
Tomato Av0cad0 Toast
Healthy Start
SGD 14.00
Mushrooms & Egg White
SGD 14.00
Grilleo Cheese Sandwich
SGD 12.00

Awfully chocolate Good Morning Beverages prices

Orange Press
Perfect Start
SGD 6.00
Lemon Basil & Cucumber
Wake Up Call
SGD 5.00
Sunday’s Apple
Simply Refreshing
SGD 5.00
Virgin Mojito
Light & Breezy
SGD 5.00
Hand Pressed Ginger Ale
SGD 6.00
Virgin Mary
For The Hangover
SGD 6.00
Pineapple Tart
Tastes Happy
SGD 6.00
Fresh Apple or Orange
Pure Juice
SGD 7.00
Apple Pie
Great Mixer
SGD 6.00

Awfully chocolate All Day Dining

Grilled Pork Chop
SGD 26.00
Fish & Peas
Golden & Crisp
SGD 20.00
Mediterranean Burger
Charred & Juicy
SGD 22.00
Grilleo Red Snapper With Garlic Caper Sauce
Tangy & Tasty
SGD 22.00
Ribeye Cut
SGD 28.00
Charred Lamb Chops
Spiced & Sexy
SGD 26.00
Prawn. Crab Meat & Basil Aglio Olio
Saafood & Garlic
SGD 20.00
Mac & Cheese
SGD 18.00
Awfully Chocolate Menu Prices
Image by Awfully Chocolate

Awfully chocolate Sides & Such

Truffle Fries
SGD 13.00
Curry Fries
Spicy Kick
SGD 9.00
Crab Meat Slaw
Clever Twist
SGD 13.00
Salty Cabbage Salad
Special Simple
SGD 9.00
Caesar Salad
SGD 15.00

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Awfully chocolate Cakes & Desserts prices

All ChocolateSGD 8.0
Chocolate BananaSGD 8.5
Chocolate Rum & CherrySGD 8.9
Chocolate Peanut ButterSGD 8.9
Praline CakeSGD 8.9
Super Stacked Chocolate CakeSGD 7.9
Chocolate Mille CrepeSGD 8.9
Flourless Chocolate CakeSGD 7.9
Salted Butterscotch BrownieSGD 7.9
White Chocolate Creme BrûleeSGD 8.9
Chocolate TiramisuSGD 19.9
Nutella TartSGD 8.9
White Chocolate Butterscotch BlackSGD 7.9
Gorge0us Truffles Per/Pieces
Dark ChocolateSGD 2.5
Double EspressoSGD 2.5
Caramel BrittleSGD 2.5
ChampagneSGD 2.5
HazlenutSGD 2.5
Rum & RaisiaSGD 2.5
A Ninethirty Exclusive
Dark Chocolate S’more
SGD 10.0
Awfully Chocolate Cakes6″/8″
6″ All ChocolateSGD 36.0 / SGD 72.0
6″ Chocolate BanaaaSGD 38.0 / SGD 76.0
6″ Chocolata Rum & CherrySGD 40.0 / SGD 80.0
Hei Ice CreamPRICE
Single ScoopSGD 4.9
Double ScoopSGD 8.0
PintSGD 15.5
Awfully Chocolate Menu With Prices
Image by Awfully Chocolate

Awfully chocolate Coffee & Tea menu items

Hot Chocolate
Classic Dark ChocolateSGD 8.9
Skinny Hot ChocolateSGD 8.9
White ChocolateSGD 8.9
70% CacaoSGD 8.0
Chocolate Cappuccino With Cinnamon StickSGD 8.0
Dessert Drinks
Ninethirty TiramisuSGD 9.9
Chocolate AffogatoSGD 9.9
Hot Chocolate With Roasted Marshmallow FoamSGD 9.9
Cool Drinks
Shaken Lemon TeaSGD 7.0
Lychee Lced TeaSGD 8.0
Honey Lime Green TeaSGD 7.0
Lychee SlushieSGD 8.0
Lemon SodaSGD 7.0
LemonadeSGD 7.0
Hot Teas
Red TeaSGD 7.0
Green TeaSGD 7.0
Soba TeaSGD 7.0
Coffee & Chocolate
Cacao MochaSGD 8.9
Mocha RoyaleSGD 8.9
Hazelnut LatteSGD 7.9
Cold Chocolate
60% CacaoSGD 8.9
Chocolate BananaSGD 8.9
Dark Rum & CherrySGD 8.9
White ChocolateSGD 8.9
Salted ButterscotchSGD 8.9
Awfully Chocolate MilkSGD 8.0
Premium Coffee
Single EspressoSGD 3.8
Double EspressoSGD 4.8
MacchiatoSGD 4.8
Long BlackSGD 5.0
Flat WhiteSGD 7.0
LatteSGD 7.0
CappuccinoSGD 7.0
Butterscotch LatteSGD 8.0
Beers Draft
Asahi (1/2 Pint)SGD 7.9
Asahi (Pint)SGD 11.9
Asahi (Jug)SGD 30.0
Beers Bottled
Heineken (330ml)SGD 10.9
Hoegaarden (330ml)SGD 10.9
Erdinger (Dark)SGD 14.9
Erdinger (Light)SGD 14.9
Sweet Wine
Woodstock Little Miss Collet Moscato 2012 (500ml)SGD 58.0
Espresso MartiniSGD 18.0
70% Dari MartiniSGD 15.0
Pure White MartiniSGD 15.0
45% Dark Milk MartiniSGD 15.0
House PourGlass / Bottle
Cevico E’got Merliot Sangiovese Rubicone IGT
SGD 15.0 / SGD 58.0
Cruco E’get Trebbuno Chardonnay Rubicone IGT
SGD 15.0 / SGD 58.0

IS Awfully chocolate SINGAPORE HALAL?

No, Awfully chocolate Singapore is not Halal Certified.

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