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15 Scrumptious Indian Dishes To Enjoy In Your Lunch And Dinner

Cooking techniques and approaches to preparing Indian cuisine exhibit considerable diversity across the North, South, East, and West of the nation. Shaped by a mix of historical developments, geographic distinctions, and movements of peoples, every region features its own unique culinary traditions and hallmark dishes. This diversity contributes to the vibrant mosaic of Indian gastronomy, with each region presenting a distinct interpretation of classic flavors and dishes.

1: Tandoori
Tandoori dishes, a hallmark of Indian cuisine, are typically pieces of bread or meats marinated, seasoned, and cooked at high temperatures in a tandoor oven. Among these, tandoori chicken stands out as the most celebrated, featuring chicken pieces marinated in a spicy yogurt sauce and cooked to perfection, offering a range of spiciness to suit various palates.

2: Tikka Masala
Interestingly, chicken tikka masala, despite being one of the most beloved Indian dishes, actually has roots outside of India, with Indian chefs in Great Britain adapting from the traditional butter chicken. This renowned dish comprises boneless chicken pieces roasted and marinated, then bathed in a creamy, orange, tomato-based curry that includes coconut milk and an assortment of spices.

3: Butter Chicken
Also known as murgh makhani, butter chicken originated in the 1950s in Northern India. This dish involves marinating chicken, cooking it in a tandoor, and then immersing it in a creamy, spice-infused tomato and butter sauce. Indian restaurants often offer a vegetarian version of this dish using paneer as a substitute for chicken.

4: Korma
Korma represents a type of curry that is rich and aromatic, typically involving meat or vegetables slowly cooked in a creamy sauce made from coconut milk, yogurt, spices, and sometimes almonds or cashews for added texture. The vegetarian variant, Navratan korma, incorporates vegetables or paneer, making it a versatile dish for all dietary preferences.

5: Malai Kofta
A beloved comfort food from North India, malai kofta consists of potato-paneer dumplings deep-fried and served in a creamy sauce. These dumplings vary in size and are offered in either a mild cream sauce or a more vibrant orange curry, enhanced with tomatoes and red chilies for those who prefer a kick of spice.

6: Vindaloo
Originating from Goa, vindaloo is a famously spicy curry with Portuguese influences, originally involving pork marinated in vinegar and garlic. This potent dish has evolved to include various meats or a vegetarian option, but it consistently features an abundance of spices and hot chilies for a fiery flavor profile.

7: Rogan Josh
From the northern reaches of Kashmir, rogan josh is an aromatic curry dish typically made with braised lamb, mutton, or goat, accompanied by warm spices and vibrant Kashmiri chilies. To achieve its deep, rich color and ensure the meat is tender, rogan josh is simmered slowly, allowing the flavors to meld beautifully.

8: Karaikudi Curry
Also known as Chettinad curry, Karaikudi curry is a distinctive dish from South India, often prepared with mutton and featuring grated coconut. It can also be made with chicken, fish, paneer, or vegetables. The unique combination of coconut, chilies, and freshly ground spices from the Tamil Nadu region lends this dish its characteristic heat and complexity.

9: Saag
Saag distinguishes itself in the realm of Indian cuisine by forgoing the usual bright orange and red hues of many curries for a rich, vibrant green color, thanks to its main component: spinach. This dish is further enhanced by incorporating other green vegetables like fenugreek, mustard greens, collard greens, or dill, adding depth to its flavor. Saag is versatile, being prepared with meats, fish, or the vegetarian favorite, paneer.

10: Dal Tadka
Dal tadka is a comforting staple of Indian cuisine, featuring lentils cooked with a blend of spices in ghee or oil. Its straightforward yet satisfying nature has made dal tadka a beloved dish across India. Given the vegetarian diet prevalent in Indian culture, lentils and other legumes play a crucial role in providing essential proteins and nutrients, cementing dishes like dal tadka as fundamental to Indian dining.

11: Chana Masala
A celebrated North Indian curry, chana masala is crafted from white chickpeas simmered in a flavorful mix of tomato and onion gravy, exuding a rich array of spices. This vegetarian delight is often savored by itself or paired with rice or naan to absorb its exquisite sauce. Chana masala also comes in a dry variant, enjoyed as a snack or street food.

12: Aloo Gobi
Aloo gobi, a straightforward concoction of spiced potatoes and cauliflower, stands as a daily vegetarian dish with numerous variations, from dry to curried forms. Each household and eatery brings its own unique twist to this dish, underlining its status as a vegetarian cornerstone in Indian cuisine.

13: Biryani
Originating from the Muslim communities in India, biryani is a sophisticated rice dish with comparisons to Persian pilaf or pulao. Featuring layers of meat, fish, vegetables, and rice that are cooked separately before being combined, biryani allows the savory gravy to permeate the rice thoroughly. With its diverse regional and seasonal interpretations, biryani may include luxurious additions like nuts or fruits and is often served with chutneys, raita, pickles, or salad, showcasing its multicultural roots.

14: Kadai Chicken
The kadai, a pivotal utensil in Indian cooking akin to a wok, is used to prepare this savory North Indian dish. Chicken marinated in a medley of spices is cooked in the kadai along with onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, and spices, then garnished with fresh cream, delivering a dish rich in flavors and textures.

15: Thali
Thali is more than just a meal; it’s an experience in Indian dining, consisting of a platter that includes an array of dishes. Serving as a culinary canvas, the thali aims to balance the six essential flavors of sweet, salty, bitter, sour, astringent, and spicy in one comprehensive meal. The composition of a thali varies by region, typically featuring a selection of rice, dal, vegetables, roti, yogurt, chutney, or pickles, and a sweet treat, reflecting the diversity and richness of Indian culinary traditions.

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